Cut Hydrangeas in the House.

A photo post.


Atop the old boiler

In the old kitchen range

In the fireplace

On the kitchen window ledge

Even in the bathroom


8 Replies to “Cut Hydrangeas in the House.”

    1. Thanks, I’d like to improve my photography, I took a lot more photos but not all were usable.

    1. This is a copy, made by my late father, of a painting which hung over the oyster bar of Wiltons Restaurant in London’s Jermyn Street where I used, occasionally, to eat. They had postcards of the painting, I took one and asked my father to let me have his rendition of it. He did and now it hangs in the old grate in our dining room.
      Thanks for visiting.

    1. Yes, there’s something restful about dried hydrangeas, I sometimes spend a few minutes just gazing at them. We feel lucky to live here, it’s a very old cottage circa 1670.

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