The Gardeners of Kabul – BBC World Service

I stumbled on a BBC radio programme entitled The Gardeners of Kabul, a sensitive and uplifting piece on some of the people of Kabul who garden, and have gardened, in very difficult circumstances. Six gardeners in five gardens are featured, from the large and historic public garden of Babur, the first Mughal Emperor, to a tiny plot reclaimed from the street, I found each story touching. The love for their garden and plants shines out, particularly I thought for fruit trees, roses and grape vines. The twenty seven minute article is on BBC World Service, here is the link. The Gardeners of Kabul

Here are a couple of links to other pages on Kabul gardens, fascinating, who had any idea?

Wikipedia on Babur’s garden

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    1. Yes, I think so too, you’d have to really want to garden to keep it going through all that destruction.

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