Barham Hall

 A Visit To Barham Hall, Church Lane, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 0PT Sunday 2/7/2017
The garden at Barham opens once a year on a Sunday around the end of June, hosted this year by “The Great Garden Trail” in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice, 565 Foxhall Road, IP3 8LX Ipswich, Suffolk.

Tickets are £3 for adults and £1.50 for children under 16. Plenty of well organised parking is available and is included in the ticket price.

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Making Steel Plants Supports

My borders are looking messy as the tall plants; verbena, achillea, tall asters, crocosmia “Lucifer” and so on have grown so high that they are falling over under the weight of their flowers. I don’t like this look so searched the internet for hoop type plant supports. I wanted them sturdy so opted for 6 mm mild steel and I didn’t want the plastic coated type as I find they rust and the plastic becomes unsightly. Continue reading “Making Steel Plants Supports”

Buddleia/Buddleja aka Butterfly Bush

This is not my favourite plant however I was given one, unidentified, by a neighbour and bought one for a few pennies, unintentionally, in a job lot of perennials at my local auction house. This one, Buddleia Davidii Nanho Blue is Continue reading “Buddleia/Buddleja aka Butterfly Bush”


A couple of months ago the grass needed attention, I scarified it then applied Evergreen® weed, feed and moss killer and cut it. There are three grass areas in my garden, you’ll have noticed by now that I’m trying to avoid using the word lawn to describe these areas, that’s because they don’t merit that description. Continue reading “Grass”

Lupins (Lupines USA)

Standing looking at the blue lupins today I tried to decide whether or not I like this plant, I know that my wife does, so does my neighbour, but do I?

Well, what’s good about them?

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The Road to Le Tholonet: A French Garden Journey by Monty Don

Book Review:

The Road to Le Tholonet
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I was away for the weekend visiting family in Glasgow, I flew from London Stansted airport; having two flights and the inevitable waiting time at either end I decided to make a start on Monty’s book. I’m reading it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, a wonderful invention that allows me to take lots Continue reading “The Road to Le Tholonet: A French Garden Journey by Monty Don”

Paradise Postponed

A quick post to let you know that the greenhouse wasn’t delivered on Friday due to the snow in some regions of the UK, my supplier is based in one of these snowy spots. Thus my greenhouse base stands empty and forlorn, though painted. Continue reading “Paradise Postponed”

Laurel Hedge Planted

This post follows on from the one on tree stump grinding, that was the heavy work, we took down the dread leylandii, cut up the trunks for firewood, chipped the branches for compost and ground out the roots. The grinding process left behind an incredibly light soil and ground wood mixture which Continue reading “Laurel Hedge Planted”

Tree Stump Grinding

I had 20 leylandii trees at the back of my garden, they sucked up all the moisture and light,

We decided to take them down and went from this


through this


to this


using only this


like this

a lot of work for a lot of difference to us.

Greenhouse Base Installed

When I left off in my last post on greenhouses the make, size and style of greenhouse had been decided, we chose the 6’8″x10’5″ Kingfisher. The next thing was to order it, this I did and paid a 25% deposit. Next day the manufacturer phoned me and asked if the base had been installed, it hadn’t, then told me that they made all greenhouses to order, they don’t keep stock as it tends to get damaged, that’s fair enough especially as they are delivered pre-glazed so storing them would be problematical. I phoned my earthworks man Dave and asked him to get the base organised and sent him the very helpful plan that Swallow GB Ltd, the manufacturer, emailed to me. Dave said Saturday 18 January and I said go ahead. He duly turned up with his men at 7:30 am last Saturday, a cold and blustery day, and set to work. It’s amazing what can be achieved in four and a half hours if you know what you’re doing, just after noon the job was done and I was both relieved and pleased.

7’x11′ greenhouse base

Yesterday I called Swallow and told them the base was ready and they offered to install it – they do the install themselves, on Saturday 30/1/15, I’m mightily pleased, that’s just three weeks from ordering. I’ve started looking at online seed catalogues, well catalogue, so far I’ve had a look and started a wish list on Sutton’s Seeds website, the choice is dazzling to a newbie, any tips on what to start off with will be welcome. I’d like to grow vegetables and flowers from seed but don’t want to try to do too much in my first year in case that leads to a disheartening failure. I’ll update my greenhouse story a week on Friday after it has been installed.