Harvest and Store Stuttgarter Onions

I harvested these around the middle of August having planted the sets at the end of February. They were kept on drying racks in the garage for 3 weeks as the weather was too varied to leave them to dry outside on the soil. There was around 90% success rate from the sets. Yesterday I decided to plait them and looked up various YouTube videos, the most common comment was “it’s just like platting hair”, not much help to me as I’ve never done that. Nonetheless I persevered and made an adequate braid, not professional and certainly not like the ones we used to buy from French onion sellers who called at the door, using about a dozen onions for each.

I wanted to plait them as they seem to keep well that way and look attractive in the kitchen, on the right of the photo.

Those that didn’t have sufficient leaves left to enable plaiting I stored in mesh bags, on the left of the photo.

The other braids I’ve hung from hooks in the garage where it’s cool and there’s some airflow, my hope is that they’ll keep well here till we need them.

The Divine Cook, my wife, has used a few of these onions already in a variety of dishes and assures me that they cook well and have good flavour.


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    1. Thank you for your kind comments, not as beautiful as the braids from the French onion sellers, they were magical things, our old cottage kitchen is also.

      1. Oh, I can imagine how well you eat with a Divine Cook working on a magical Aga ! 🙂
        By the way, just wanted to mention that I think my comments are sometimes sent directly to the Indesirable bin by WordPress… I think one of them ended there.

  1. That’s my wife’s domain, I’m only allowed in the kitchen under sufferance, in this case to take some photos! More seriously she does like it though it’s bit of a cheat as it is electric, we had a Rayburn oil fired stove but it was old and very inefficient to run. Thanks for your comment, I so enjoy hearing from people.

    1. Thanks for your comment, they have a good taste too. I’m enjoying, and learning from, your blog.

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