Buddleia/Buddleja aka Butterfly Bush

This is not my favourite plant however I was given one, unidentified, by a neighbour and bought one for a few pennies, unintentionally, in a job lot of perennials at my local auction house. This one, Buddleia Davidii Nanho Blue is different from the buddleia growing by the railway tracks, a plant with a bit more finesse by which I mean that it’s leaves are fine so you can see through them and the flowers are delicate. Having bought it I planted it but decided that I didn’t want a large bush so am trying to make it into a standard, I’ve done the same with the other one.

They are both in a south west facing spots and growing away just the thing.


Nanho Blue

They continue to sprout from the base and sometimes the trunk, I snap off the trunk shoots in passing as soon as I see them and every couple of weeks I get down on my knees and trim away the low growth. They were staked quite early on this year as they were beginning to lean to the side and I feared the trunks might snap.

Both attract masses of butterflies and other pollinators, they are busy plants.



Anyone know which it is?

In my mind this one is heavier, more dense, not so graceful as Nanho Blue. Still I’ve enjoyed trying to get them to grow as I want, a change from the norm.