A couple of months ago the grass needed attention, I scarified it then applied Evergreen® weed, feed and moss killer and cut it. There are three grass areas in my garden, you’ll have noticed by now that I’m trying to avoid using the word lawn to describe these areas, that’s because they don’t merit that description. All of them have weeds and moss and, until these are mostly eradicated, I can’t bring myself to call them lawns. When I get there with the grass I’ll celebrate with a post titled lawns.


The back of the cottage, the grassed area was about eight feet longer at this end till I reduced it as it was under trees and so way too shady to grow decent grass. I like the pattern that the shadow of the walnut tree throws onto the grass. Sorry about the washing line and clothes pegs, these point up it’s functionality as a back garden.


Front of the cottage after cutting.


Orchard area showing where the grass has been removed, there, and under the fruit trees, instead of grass, I want to have wildflowers.

Now, two months later, I think I’ve improved things, each of the grass areas look better, not yet good enough to call lawns though. However  problems have become apparent:

  1. We have an unwelcome visitor, to wit, a mole in the orchard area, it is causing problems both under the grass and the dry garden. I’m unsure what to do, there’s a local mole catcher but he’s expensive at around £70 for the first visit – first mole free – then a price per head, also I’m not sure that this is humane, I’d much rather scare the wee devil away but this is a forlorn hope. For now I’ll do nothing in the hope that it’ll go away of it’s own accord.
  2. Sandy, our dog, inflicts regular damage on the back grass by peeing on it and scorching it, leaves a nasty dead patch that takes a couple of weeks to grow back. I’ve tried scraping it away and reseeding the bare patch but this seems to take longer than allowing nature to take her course, which was the original problem.
  3. Ducks, lovely looking things, they live on our pond and come onto the front grass to feed on the spillage from the bird feeders in the trees, however they’ve taken to digging up patches of lawn, presumably looking for insects. I can chase them away but they are becoming more used to my presence and so don’t scare so easily. Because they’re so soft and fluffy looking I don’t want to harm them (I couldn’t bring myself to do so anyway) so what to do? Any suggestions?
  4. Lastly, for now, there’s a stubborn weed that resists the lawn weedkiller that I use, it eventually submits and leaves a bare patch. Here’s a photo of it, the yellow flowered plant, does anyone know what it is?


The back garden today after cutting and edging


The front


Orchard area, wildflowers growing strongly in the beds around the grass


Dog damage


Mole damage


Duck damage

duck damage

I’ll post an update in the next month or so, meanwhile I’ll keep working on it.