Tree Stump Grinding

I had 20 leylandii trees at the back of my garden, they sucked up all the moisture and light,

We decided to take them down and went from this


through this


to this


using only this


like this

a lot of work for a lot of difference to us.

7 Replies to “Tree Stump Grinding”

    1. Thanks for the comment and your thoughts on my blog, I’m very much a novice so get a real thrill when someone comments on or likes a post. I’ve looked at your blog, some great posts, following it now.

  1. We have Leylandii planted to protect us from the north and north east winds which are dreadful here; I wish something else had been planted but they were here when we came and it seemed silly to take them out and start again but I wish I had, I think you’ve done the right thing.

    1. I hope so, the wind here is nasty but I think laurel can cope, also it will get good light so I hope it will grow reasonably quickly. Thanks for this comment too.

      1. Laurel can be as much of a problem as Leylandii, it will also take a lot of water from the soil and will eventually need pruming twice a year.

  2. Thanks, that’s useful to know. The ditch running behind the hedge is a drainage ditch and there’s nearly always water in it, the laurel are welcome to that! Yes, I’ll need to keep it under rigorous control, it’s a thug if it gets away from you.

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