A Gardener’s Grief

An amazing post  for a garden blog from https://patientgardener.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/my-garden-this-weekend-18th-january-2015/. It’s a frank and open consideration of The Patient Gardener’s reaction to her father’s death, the grief and how she copes with it. Starting from the “what can’t be changed must be endured” standpoint Helen explores her initial puzzlement, through the discovery of what had triggered her grief, then the acceptance and how she managed to move on, but not away, from it. Such patent honesty disarms the reader, I’d be amazed if any of us wasn’t moved by such a beautiful post.

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  1. Hi MG
    Thank you for the link. I hadn’t expected my post to have such a reaction! I’m afraid I am quite frank!

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