A new greenhouse

I’ve been out shopping today with The Divine Cook (TDC), we’re looking for a greenhouse for me but we’re looking for different things. TDC is after something aesthetically pleasing, preferably in cedar, yours truly lusts for space at a reasonable price, I suspect I see a compromise coming on. We went to what we think is our nearest greenhouse shop, Superior Garden Buildings in a little town called Tasburgh on the A140, here’s their website http://www.gardenbuildings.co/ They have a good range of greenhouses on display from the less, to the very, expensive. We wandered around in a cold blustery wind checking out the houses, I looked at aluminium, less expensive,

from Vitavia Garden Products Ltd

TDC looked at cedar, much more expensive,

from Alton Greenhouses

the compromise is tanalised redwood pine.

from Swallow (GB) Ltd

Next came the size debate, I looked at small, say 6 by 6 feet, TDC seemed to think something larger was appropriate, “you’ll have so much more space”, here we eventually agreed on around 7 by 10 feet. Something like this perhaps,

Swallow Kingfisher 6’8″ by 10’5″

So, here’s the question, does anyone have knowledge or opinions on the Swallow Kingfisher range of greenhouses and/or of Superior Garden Buildings in Tasburgh, Norfolk UK? Any help will be much welcomed, as will any comments on this post.

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    1. Hi Pixie
      This’ll be my first ever greenhouse so I’m a novice, my thoughts were to use it to protect tender plants in the winter – it can be very cold here, sow seeds, bring on cuttings and to grow vegetables and fruit that might not be successful outside in England: courgettes, tomatoes and such like.
      Thanks for your comment.

  1. If the greenhouse is not cedar you’ll have to spend time painting the outside so it doesn’t rot and decay. Wood is lovely but I chose practicality and aluminium.

    1. We ended up with treated redwood pine, said to last 15 years, and I’ll paint it with further wood treatment on the outside so hope it will last. Thanks for the comment, it’s great to get them, particularly for a novice blogger.

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