High wind, big things & small dogs.

On the sofa in the TV room

We went for our usual wander up the road last night but it was a strange one, the wind was high and blustery, bumping into us when it was strong. The noises it makes are fascinating to me but, to Sandy, disconcerting. Enjoying the sound of the wind in the big beech tree further up our road is a highlight of our walk, but not for Sandy. He hears but doesn’t understand,
“What’s that Dad?”
“You look really startled Sandy, what’s wrong?”
“That noise Dad, what is it & where does it come from, is it dangerous, is something coming for us? I can’t tell, there’s no smell to tell me.”
“It’s the wind Sandy, very rarely dangerous here.”
“Wind? What is that?”
“It’s the movement of the air around us, when it moves noticeably we call it wind.”
“Where’s it from, whose is it?”
“Tonight it’s from the north & that’s why it’s so cold. It doesn’t belong to anyone or anything. It’s naturally occurring, part of the world’s weather patterns.”
“Sounds to me like something very big, breathing hard and probably angry. It’s not good to annoy big, angry things especially when you’re as small as me.”
“Don’t get worked up by it, just accept it and trust me when I say it won’t harm you.”
“We dogs don’t do too much thinking Dad, mostly we react. A big noise like that makes me want to go home, get away from it.”
“We can go home if you want.”
“I think that’s a  good idea Dad, let’s do it.”
When we get back to the house I decide to take him around the lawn and beds of the front garden, he’s never been there before although he spends most of his day sitting on the window seat looking out over it.
In summer
“Recognise this Sandy?”
“No Dad I don’t, where are we?”
“We’re at the house in the front garden, you should recognise it, you spend most of the day looking at it. It’s the place outside the front window.”
“Oh, you really don’t get dogs Dad, we don’t recognise by sight but by smell & I can’t smell anything from my guard post inside the double glazed windows, so it’s new territory to me.”
“Do you like it?”
“I’m not sure, that big noisy thing is still around.”
“I told you, that’s the wind, ignore it.”
“Can’t do that, it’s all over the place.”
“Maybe we should go inside now, you’re obviously uncomfortable here.”
“OK Dad, if you want to go in let’s go, no problem to me.”
So off we go into the house where Sandy’s confidence magically returns the moment the front door is closed behind him.

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