Sandy Goes Sunbathing

I wandered into the TV room this early afternoon as I hadn’t seen Sandy for a while and he often snatches a wee snooze there during the day. Sure enough there he was sleeping on the sofa with the warm rays of the sun wrapped round him.

“Hey Sandy, what’s the news?”
“Not much Dad but, considering it’s only half way through February in Glasgow, Scotland, I sure am enjoying these rays.”
“You look comfortable but why lying down, why aren’t you sitting on the window seat guarding the house?”
“I was but the sun made me drowsy and it’s low in the sky so it makes being on lookout difficult,can I have a pair of those dark glasses that Mum always wears? I think that would keep me on lookout much longer”.
“Would it help with the drowsiness”?
“Now Dad you know it wouldn’t but if I could see better then I wouldn’t get so bored and boredom brings on tiredness in a dog”.
“So, if I buy you sunglasses you’ll remain on guard duty longer?”
“Well Dad I can’t guarantee that but it might help a whole lot”.
“Sandy, are you sure this is not another of the new gadgets which I get for you, you play with for a couple of days, then gradually ignore”?
“What do you mean, was that a pointed comment”?
“I’ve bought you lots of toys, most of them end up under your bed in less than two days, why should sunglasses be different”?
“You sure are developing a suspicious nature Dad, I need sunglasses to help me see better on sentry duty when it’s sunny”.
“I think you just want a new toy and that you’ll be bored with it in no time”.

“What did you buy today Dad”?
“Oh I got a new laptop, it’s fantastic, Windows 8 with 6 Gigabytes of RAM, wonderful, I’m in love”.
“You sure spent a lot of time on it today, I was amazed. Normally you’re only on it for half an hour or so”.
“That’s true Sandy but this new one is so exciting that I couldn’t leave it alone”.
“How much time will you spend on it tomorrow”?
“Probably not so much, I’ve more or less mastered it”.
“Why did you change laptops”?
“Oh, the other one was old, it needed changing”.
“Had it stopped working”?
“No but it was time for a change”.
“Is it like a new toy to you”?
“Yes it’s a bit like that”.
“Did it cost more than sunglasses for me”?
Damned dog then rolled himself into a ball in the sun, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. What was that all about? Sometimes I think he’s a bit bad tempered, especially when tired.