A Road Too Far?

Set off with Sandy dog but this time went down our drive and turned right along the main road then first right again, he was scared on the busy main road but seemed happier when we left it, that is till we covered about two hundred yards where he stopped dead. Knowing that he’s a bit shy about his fear, especially where girls are concerned, I picked him up & whispered,
“You scared, puppy dog?”
“You bet Dad.”
“What’s eating you?”
“I’m too far from home and I’ve lost my bearings, I want to go back.”
Well thought I, this is no good, I’ve got to get him past this. So, still carrying him, I head on up the road. He doesn’t seem to be a heavy dog when you pick him up but by the time I reached the top of the road I was feeling his weight, I turned right and after a few yards I put him back on his four paws. He stood looking around for a moment then, with ears flat and belly low to the ground, headed home.
As we headed down our road his nervousness decreased a bit, I was glad ’cause I wasn’t sure how much further I could’ve carried the wee devil. He was still moving fast but not pulling and in this condition we reached home.
We stopped in the vestibule for a quick word before going in,
“Was that OK young fella?”
“I’m not so sure Dad, it was a bit frightening  but you carrying me up that other road sure helped a lot.”
“That’s good, will we try again tomorrow?”
“OK, let’s give it a go, I’m not promising but there are some real good smells round that corner.”
I started to open the door when he pulled me back,
“Not a word to Mum though, please?”
“Mum’s the word.”

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