Sandy Gets Ready

Sandy preparing for a gig.

When he’s getting ready he is focused, his whole being zoomed in on the job, nothing: except food, other dogs, Liz, a postman or other delivery person,  someone parking their car, a few other vital doggie things or an itchy paw is allowed to intrude. A consummate professional, he gives his all to his art.

We were chatting just the other day about a donkey that, Sandy claims, walks up and down our road during the day when he’s alone. That’s the whole thing, it only happens when he’s alone, never when we’re around to keep him company, so should we believe him or not? He’s usually very truthful but is a bit of a romantic and so you’re never too sure about his stories. The alleged donkey walks up the middle of the road, unaccompanied, wears a large straw hat with holes for his ears and always stops to talk to Sandy for a minute or two. I decide to test him – “what do you talk about?”
“Mostly the weather, scents and other things of interest to poor dumb animals”
“What language do you use?”
“A mixture of English, canine and equine”
“Do you understand each other?”
“Of course, otherwise why would we talk, that’s a stupid question.”
“Does he pass by every day?”
“No, only days when I’m alone.”
“I wonder how he knows you’re alone?”
“You must think all animals are stupid, we can communicate in ways you can’t imagine.”
“Like what”
“We can post messages, don’t look so incredulous, we can and do.”
“Where do you post them.”
“In the dogosphere or the donkosphere, some times both if you’re not sure who’ll be around that day.”
“Where are these sphere’s, I don’t see them.”
“I don’t see these emails and blogs you’re forever talking about, so there’s nothing surprising in you not being able to access other spheres that are outside your reach.”
“And you send posts there?”
“Yeah, for the whole animosphere community to read”
“I’m not sure I understand”
“Nobody’s asking you to, I don’t understand your universe and you don’t get mine, that’s fine from my perspective.”
“I need to think about this.”
“OK, you do that and come back to me when you have.”

I was glad to bring that conversation to a close, I felt Sandy was getting the edge over me, clearly impossible as he’s just a dog and I’m human but he can undermine my confidence sometimes so I thought I’d let it rest for the day.